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Freelance Friendly Specialty Barista with Skills and Banter


We are looking for a very passionate barista or home brewer with advanced experience in coffee brewing to give Specialty Coffee Tasting Workshop every Saturdays to coffee lover and introduce them to your passion for specialty coffee.

The job consists of preparing, hosting and cleaning up a 2-hours coffee workshop.

The ideal profile will have experience as barista and advanced filter brewing (V60, Chemex, Kalita, Clever, Aeropress and Syphon). The ideal candidate will be extrovert and have good banter to keep up a 2 hours workshop, teaching about coffee and sharing stories. Sensory skill, principles of extraction and water chemistry are a must. Basics in roasting is preferred but not mandatory.

This is the best opportunity to improve your public speaking skill and prepare some competitions.

We will provide training if needed.


Experience needed:

  1. Passion for specialty coffee

  2. Excellent customer service and people skills

  3. Knowledge in coffee extraction principles and sensory skill

  4. Previous experience as a barista is preferred

  5. Fluency in English

  6. Legal residency in U.K.

Salary based on experience.


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